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Turbine Generator Services

Turbine Generator Service Company

We offer a complete variety of turbine generator services for a variety of clients in the electric utility industry. The primary goal of all of the services that we offer is to provide professional and experienced steam turbine generator services to all of our clients at cost effective pricing. We can work with all types of steam turbine generators including nuclear steam turbine generators, fossil steam turbine generators, industrial turbine generators, exciters, valves, and more.

Our complete turbine generator services are performed by experienced professionals who have extensive backgrounds working on steam turbine generator installations, maintenance, and retrofits. Therefore, we can provide our turbine generator services for any outage scope, and our services can be modified as needed to meet your needs.

Contact us at Turbine Generator Technical Services today if you would like to learn more about our complete turbine generator services available or if you would like to find out additional information about our company.

Our turbine generator services include:

  • Steam Turbine & Generator Consultation Services: We offer consultation services for steam turbines and generators that include inspecting equipment, making recommendations for repairs, suggesting alternative repairs and modifications, and reviewing your plan for turbine repairs and modifications. We can help you make sure that your equipment is working properly and efficiently.
  • Pre-Outage Scheduling for Steam Turbine Generators: We can build a complete steam turbine generator schedule to help you prepare for an upcoming outage. This schedule will include contingency scopes, milestones, and interfaces. It will also review and consider the necessary plant equipment, resources, and labor forces required for an outage.
  • Outage Planning for Steam Turbines: We offer a complete approach to help you plan and prepare for any upcoming outage. Our main goal with this outage planning service for steam turbines and generators is to allow your outage to be completed as efficiently and quickly as possible in order to minimize outage times. We can assist in outage planning, perform all planning services, and review and critique planning after an outage as part of our complete outage planning services.
  • Technical Direction for Steam Turbine Generators: We offer technical direction services in order to assist you in disassembling, inspecting, repairing, and assembling steam turbine generators according to the original equipment manufacturer’s recommendations. We can oversee and coordinate work to ensure accuracy and safety, and we will ensure that your equipment and employees are protected throughout any service.
  • Generator Testing & Inspection: Regular testing and inspection is an important part of any turbine generator service and maintenance plan. This can ensure that your equipment is working properly and efficiently. We offer generator testing service for all types and sizes of turbines and generators.
  • Project Management for Turbine Repair & Outage Projects: We can manage your maintenance crews, budget, parts, schedule, vendors, and shops during any turbine generator repair or outage. Our experienced project management professionals can help you locate and select contractors and will oversee contract laborers or your company crews throughout a project as part of this turbine generator service.

Why Choose Us for Turbine Generator Services

Turbine Generator Services for Power & Utility Customers

We are a small company made up of three partners and several associates with experience offering turbine generator services to a variety of customers across the United States. We have the experience and complete knowledge needed to work with nearly any type of equipment and provide affordable and quality service. Customers choose us for their various turbine generator services because we are able to provide cost effective service from experienced professionals.

You can read more about our turbine generator maintenance company here on our website or contact the professionals at Turbine Generator Technical Services directly to learn more about our company and to find information on why you should choose us for your turbine generator services. We look forward to working with you in order to meet all of your turbine generator service needs.