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Rates & Pricing Info for Our Turbine Generator Services

Pricing Rates for Turbine Generator Services

Turbine Generator Technical Services was founded by experienced professionals with the desire to offer cost-effective and quality turbine generator services for the electric industry. This mission has continued to be our guide as our company continues to grow. We provide quality turbine generator services including outage planning, outage scheduling, technical direction, consulting, project management, and generator testing services to our customers while using our experience to ensure safety, efficiency, and accuracy. Our generator services are available for most types of turbines and generators including fossil steam turbine generators and nuclear steam turbine generators.

See our pricing information below to learn more about the rates that we charge for our generator services. You can also contact our turbine generator company directly if you would like to learn more about any of our available services.

Our Turbine Generator Service Pricing

Our standard rates for generator services performed during peak season include:

  • Straight Time: $130.00 per hour
  • Overtime: $195.00 per hour


Straight Time


Consultation Off Peak Season (June-August)$100.00 per hour$150.00 per hour
Outage Planning Off Peak Season (June-August)$100.00 per hour$150.00 per hour
Pre-outage scheduling Off Peak Season (June-August)$100.00 per hour$150.00 per hour
Technical Direction$130.00 per hour$195.00 per hour
Generator TestingFirm priced based upon scopeFirm priced based upon scope
Project Management*$130.00 per hour$195.00 per hour

*We require separate associates to perform our Technical Direction and Project Management services on the same project.

Additional Rate Info for our Turbine Generator Services

  • Mobilization / demobilization and daily expenses, including hotel and meal expenses, will be based on location of the job. Mileage will be billed separately at the Federal rate that is in effect at the time when the job is performed.
  • Travel time on Saturdays is billed at the straight time rate, while travel time on Sundays and holidays is billed at the overtime rate.
  • Consultation, planning, and pre-outage scheduling services will be provided at a minimum billing of 40 straight hours per week if performed at the customer’s location. Remote support can be provided on an as-needed basis with no minimum billing level.
  • Technical direction and project management will be provided at a minimum of 40 hours per week per shift.

Our Commitment to Customers for Each Turbine Generator Service

Turbine Generator Services | Pricing & Rates

We believe that each customer should be able to afford the professional generator services that they need in order to keep their turbine generators working at peak efficiency. Therefore, it is our goal to offer each customer both quality and affordability with all of the services that we offer. All of our turbine generator services are performed by experienced professionals who possess the knowledge and expertise required to get the job done right.

We are able to keep prices affordable by staying a small company and reducing overhead. For example, we utilize additional staff only as needed to cover outage peaks, which helps control our overhead and allows us to keep our rates affordable.

Please contact us today at Turbine Generator Technical Services if you would like to learn more about our rates and pricing of our generator services. You can also read more about why customers choose us for their generator repair and service needs here on our website.