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Generators, Turbines, & Other Equipment We Work With

Generator & Turbine Repair Services

We have experience working on all types of projects with nearly any type or brand of generator or turbine including both nuclear and fossil steam turbine generators. For example, we offer consulting services for new steam turbine generators as well as generator testing and inspection services for existing turbine generators. Additionally, we can perform steam turbine scheduling and outage planning services for any type of planned outage. Finally, we also offer professional project management and steam turbine generator technical direction services for any turbine generator repair or maintenance projects. These services are available for generators from a variety of manufactures including GE generators, Westinghouse generators, Alstom generators, Toshiba generators, Hitachi generators, and Allis Chalmers generators.

Please contact us at Turbine Generator Technical Services online or by phone if you would like to learn more about the types of equipment with which we can work or if you are interested in learning more about how we can assist you with our complete turbine and generator services.

Turbine Services for any Turbine or Generator Project

Our services are available for any turbine or generator project. We have a blend of OEM, utility, and 3rd party maintenance and repair experience in order to provide you with the quality service that you need. We can work all of the parts and components of your equipment during any of our turbine generator services. These available services include consulting, scheduling, outage planning, project management, technical direction, and testing and inspection for high pressure turbines, low pressure turbines, generators, valves, exciters and more.


Work Type

Main Turbine Lube Oil ReservoirsMaintenance
Governor Pedestals/Front StandardsMaintenance & EHC conversions
MHC Main ValvesMaintenance & EHC conversions
EHC Main ValvesMaintenance
EHC SystemsMaintenance & installation/conversions
High & High-Intermediate Pressure TurbinesMaintenance, installation, & retrofits
Intermediate Pressure TurbinesMaintenance & installation
Thrust BearingsMaintenance
Low Pressure TurbinesMaintenance, installation, & retrofits
Turning Gear AssembliesMaintenance
GeneratorsMaintenance, installation, retrofit, replacement, & rewind
Hydrogen CoolersMaintenance & retrofit
Seal Oil SystemsMaintenance
Exciters/AlterexesMaintenance & retrofit

Types of Turbines and Generators

Our professional turbine generator engineers have experience providing turbine generator services for all types of equipment. We have worked with generators and turbines from many different manufacturers for a variety of types of projects including generator installations, maintenance, retrofits, and power updates. We have experience working for the original manufacturers, which allows us to understand the OEM technical requirements of any project.

Professional Service for All Generators & Turbines

Our services are available for repairs and maintenance of:

  • General Electric Generators (GE Generators)
  • Westinghouse / Siemens Generators
  • Alstom Generators
  • Toshiba Generators
  • Hitachi Generators
  • Allis Chalmers Generators

Learn More About Our Generator Services

Contact us at Turbine Generator Technical Services today to learn more about the services that we have available for generators, high pressure turbines, low pressure turbines, exciters, and valves and to find out why you should trust our experienced professionals to assist you with your turbine generator maintenance, repair, retrofit, or installation project.